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Introduction of global talent


Working in Japan requires a status of residence which is the difference between a Japanese national.

A status of residence is a status granted by the Ministry of Justice (Immigration and Immigration Services Agency), which allows foreigners to stay and work while they are in Japan.

Employable status of residence

This is the main type of status of residence that foreigners who introduce staff at Storf acquire in order to work in Japan.

Status of residence


Advanced Professional (IT related)


Education (educational institutions)


business administration


Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services


Medical care


Nursing (care worker)





Status of residence "Specified Skilled Worker"

It is one of the types of residence status granted to foreigners. 12 jobs you can do with this qualification.



素形材産業 産業機械製造業 電気・電子情報関連製造業

Materials, Industrial machinery, Electrical and electronic information related manufacturing industry


Shipbuilding and marine industry






Food and beverage manufacturing industry


Building cleaning




Car maintenance






Restaurant business

To hire foreigners with specific skills qualifications

The hiring company (hosting organization) and the foreigner must meet the criteria ​ when the Immigration Services Agency examines them.


​ tax payment

Comply with labor, social insurance and tax laws.


​No unilateral dismissal

Within one year, workers engaged in the same type of work as those engaged in by foreigners with specified skills have not been involuntarily dismissed.


​No missing persons

No foreign nationals have gone missing due to blameable reasons within one year.


​No violation of immigration or labor laws

Applicants must not fall under disqualification reasons (no immigration or labor law violations within 5 years, etc.).


​Activity Storage

Create documents related to the specific skills foreigner's activities and keep them for at least one year from the date of termination of the employment contract.


​Not aware of security deposit collection

In cases where specified skilled workers and their relatives, etc. are required to collect security deposits, manage property, or enter into penalty contracts, etc., do not enter into specified skilled worker employment contracts, recognizing this fact.


​No deposit is collected

You have not entered into a security deposit collection, property management, or penalty contract, etc.


do not pay for support

Specified skilled workers should not be made to bear the costs required for obligatory support (support plan), either directly or indirectly.


Satisfy the criteria if dispatched

In the case of dispatching workers, the dispatch destination must be engaged in work related to a specific industrial field, and each of the standards 1 to 4 above must be met.


​Notification of establishment of industrial accident insurance

Appropriately fulfill the notification of establishment of insurance relationship related to industrial accident insurance.


Whether employment can be continued

Must have a financial foundation that can stably continue the business and reliably fulfill the employment contract concluded with the specified skilled worker.


Remuneration (salary) will be transferred

Remuneration (salary, etc.) shall be paid by bank transfer to a bank account, etc., if the consent of the foreigner is obtained.


​corresponding to the job description

Comply with the standards set individually in consideration of the unique circumstances of each specific industrial field (specific skill work).

Source: Operating Guidelines for Accepting Specified Skilled Workers

Immigration Services Agency


companies that employ


Passed the specific skill evaluation test

A foreigner working in a specific industrial field (specific skill job) must pass an examination to determine that a certain level of skill has been met.


Passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

A foreigner working in a specific industrial field (specific skill job) must pass a test to determine whether a certain level of Japanese language proficiency is met.

Source: Operating Guidelines for Accepting Specified Skilled Workers

Immigration Services Agency




After confirming the documents you have prepared, our application agent will submit them to the Immigration Services Agency.

*We are prohibited by law from creating the application form.

application form
Planning document
Other documents

Outline of support plan

Companies that employ foreigners with specific skill qualifications are obliged to provide 10 items of support.

advance guidance

Providing Japanese language learning

Pick-up at the time of immigration

Consultation/complaint handling

life support

Exchange with Japanese people


Support when changing jobs

Accompanying official procedures

​Interview and report to administration

Storf will support you


You can make your own support plan.

​In that case, we need an employee who can support foreigners with a track record of hiring foreigners and the language spoken by foreigners with specific skills.

​In addition, many resources are required to implement the support plan at the hiring company (accepting organization)..

​Storf has received permission from the Immigration Services Agency as a registered support organization that can support support plans.

​ Please leave the recruitment of foreigners to Storf, a specialized registration support organization.

Source: Immigration Services Agency

Flow up to adoption

Status of residence differs depending on the type of work.



Unofficial offer

Recruitment preparation

joining the company

Stoof pactforeign talents country

Specific skilled foreigners can be introduced from other countries

Trading Institutions: As of January 2023 (by country)

  • Are there initial costs?
    We do not charge any fees from registering a job to interviewing and hiring. If you think you are the right person, hire us.
  • How much is the referral fee?
    30% to 35% of the annual income of the person you introduce is the market price in the recruitment industry. The fee may be reduced depending on the recruitment conditions, so please contact us first.
  • Can you also introduce part-time jobs?
    Yes, of course it is possible, as there is no provision for the form of employment in recruitment.
  • What is the fee for introducing a part-time job?
    Depending on the recruitment conditions, the fee may be very low. Please contact us first, as fees differ depending on your annual income.
  • Please tell me the difference from job advertisements.
    A job advertisement is a recruitment method that publishes the contents of recruitment as an "advertisement" and waits for responses from job seekers. In most cases, there is a fee regardless of whether or not you apply. Employment placement is often used when public recruitment is not possible or when hiring the necessary personnel accurately. The feature is that there are many businesses that do not charge a fee until adoption.
  • What is the difference from temporary staffing?
    The difference from temporary staffing is that you can hire the introduced person as an employee of your company. It is possible to develop and retain human resources in line with the company's philosophy, culture, and code of conduct.
  • What should I do if an employee leaves the company?
    If the person you introduced resigns for personal reasons within 3 months after joining the company, we will refund part of the fee (refund). Since it depends on the length of employment, please contact us for details.
  • Is it possible to employ foreigners?
    We can introduce foreign nationals who are studying or working in Japan and local foreign nationals from outside Vietnam and India. Since it depends on the status of registration with the local company we are affiliated with, we will research if there is no one who wants it at the time of application. In that case, it may take time.
  • Is the job search free?
    Yes, it's free. Registered users can use all services free of charge, such as counseling, guidance on creating resumes and career history documents, referrals to employers, and setting up interviews.
  • It says paid employment placement, but is it free?
    Our company has received permission from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a “paid employment placement business” as a recruitment business. Since we receive a referral fee from the company where we are employed, it is described as paid employment placement.
  • I haven't changed jobs yet, but is it okay if I register for now?
    Yes, of course you can. Please use it when you want to collect information over time or when you want to know a suitable job.
  • Can I change jobs immediately?
    Based on information such as conditions, wishes, and self-analysis, we will research and match jobs. We may not be able to introduce you immediately, but we will contact you as soon as we find it.
  • I don't want anyone to know about my career change.
    Don't worry. Business operators are stipulated to set rules for the proper management of personal information, and we operate under a strict management system. We disclose information at a level where individuals cannot be identified, such as document screening and scouting, until they agree to provide information.
  • I'm worried about my educational background, and my job change activities don't go well.
    Educational background is one of the criteria for recruiting jobs, but I feel that there are many projects that emphasize qualifications, experience, and personality. What kind of work you have done and what you want to do (can you do) in the future will also be important recruitment criteria.
  • I don't know what kind of work I want to do.
    What is work? I think the answer is a difficult question. When receiving career consultations, what kind of work you have done and what makes you happy will be valuable information for referrals. Please feel free to contact us.

Leave the recruitment of foreigners to Storf.

There are complex and huge obligations such as preparing to hire foreigners and reporting after hiring.

Storf, a registration support organization, will support you.

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