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​Storf service

Job seekers


Registration is free

Please be assured that the registered information can only be seen by us until the introduction of your work.

Please register first and book an interview at a convenient date and time.



We will support you by referring to self-analysis and aptitude test, such as how to work according to your life, what kind of work you want to do, what kind of work is suitable for you.


Support after joining the company and after entering the store

If you have any concerns or anxieties even after you start working, please feel free to contact us.

Job introduction

If you are new to registering with Stof, please click "Apply".
It can be used by anyone, including full-time employees, part-time workers, students and housewives (housewives).

Please be sure to check the specified items before applying.



Job seekers

We ask all the job seekers we introduce to hold appropriate interviews regarding job types and employment to deepen their understanding of the place of employment.


Diversification of employment forms

Please tell us the human resources you want, regardless of the type of employment, such as full-time employees or part-time jobs.


Free to hire

We will offer the best cost-effectiveness to our customers free of charge, including the cost of hiring in recruiting media and SNS, and the cost required after work.

Introduction of human resources

Registration is free. First, click "Register".
* This is an important information registration for optimal matching, so thank you.

1Enter your email address and password on the new registration page

2. Register the job vacancies from My Page

Nationwide various human resources are registered

Company needs human resourcesRecruitmentcollectionIt is part of the items when

Job Description


person you want to hire

Skills (qualifications/abilities)

Working hours/holidays

recruitment cost

Expected contribution

Willingness to join the company

communication skills

*There are many others.


All occupationsIntroductionIntervention OK

* Excluding some construction work and port transportation work pursuant to Article 32-11 of the Employment Security Law


Status of residenceby


​foreign nationality

Introduction of human resources and jobs

Employment introduction, human resource introduction, job change


​What is employment agency?

The employment agency business is a business that can be carried out with the permission of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and is a service that matches people who are looking for a job with companies who are looking for a worker.

Nationwide support

You can find a job anywhere in the country.

We will also introduce job seekers from all over Japan to companies looking for human resources.

* Both will be introduced after confirming their intention to introduce.

Usage fee

If you are looking for a job, you can use all services for free.

Companies looking for human resources do not have to pay anything until they are hired. Hire if you think you are the best person.

We also offer online interviews and online consultations.


employment, recruitment


looking for a job

You can use all services for free, such as job introductions and job-related consultations.


Person in charge of company

If you would like to consult with us about the personnel you want to hire, or if you are a company looking to recruit the most suitable personnel, please click here.



We have a business tie-up with a job placement agency that introduces human resources and jobs to each other.

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