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Workflow structure

Employment agency provided by Stoff is a service that matches people who are looking for a job with companies who are looking for a worker.
It is a paid employment agency business conducted with the permission of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in accordance with Article 4, Paragraph 1 of the Employment Security Act.

​ Job seekers are free of charge, so if you have any concerns, worries, or anxieties, please feel free to contact our staff.



Register basic information and job wishes.



While the staff will talk to you, we will consider your experience and skills and try to make the best match.



We will guide you to the best job. If you like it, we will introduce you to your place of work and arrange an interview schedule.

* We will also inform you about the interview method and details of your place of work.



We will continue to support you even after you get a job. If you have any concerns or concerns even after you start working, please feel free to contact us.


All services are free

If you are looking for a job, you can use all services for free.

From registration to the stove to post-employment support, you can receive the service as many times as you like.


Please feel free to talk about anything

When applying directly for a job, it is difficult to say what you want to ask or what conditions you want.​​ For example, "In everyday conversation, I can talk a lot but not during interviews."

Please feel free to talk to Stuff.

You can choose between hearing room and online hearing.

​ Online is recommended for those who want to make effective use of their time or who are far away.

Open the door in the building that houses the hearing room of the stove.You can see it when you go up the stairs.

There are slippers and shoe boxes, so please use them.

First, we will confirm your name and reservation at the reception and guide you to the spacious hearing room.

Do you have this problem?

" I'm worried about applying for a route sales job. I'm wondering if there are deliveries as well as sales activities. "

Male sales clerk in his 20s

This is,This is the data that Stoff independently researched and aggregated.

* Personal information is managed appropriately and strictly by establishing regulations.


Finding a job that suits you

Matching will be performed based on the content of the hearing and the registered information.

Please check the content of the introduction and offer "this is good" or "hope for a better place".

In some cases, jobs that you have experienced or jobs other than your desired job may be suitable, so we will explain the details when you introduce.


"Thank you, Stuff"
Always supportive

Storf is not the end of introducing your work.

If you have any anxiety and concerns even after working, feel free to contact us. You don't have to change jobs once, we will help you build a career for the rest of your life.

* In accordance with the Employment Security Law, we cannot voluntarily recommend a job change for two years from the date of employment (hiring date).

  • Are there initial costs?
    We do not charge any fees from registering a job to interviewing and hiring. If you think you are the right person, hire us.
  • How much is the referral fee?
    30% to 35% of the annual income of the person you introduce is the market price in the recruitment industry. The fee may be reduced depending on the recruitment conditions, so please contact us first.
  • Can you also introduce part-time jobs?
    Yes, of course it is possible, as there is no provision for the form of employment in recruitment.
  • What is the fee for introducing a part-time job?
    Depending on the recruitment conditions, the fee may be very low. Please contact us first, as fees differ depending on your annual income.
  • Please tell me the difference from job advertisements.
    A job advertisement is a recruitment method that publishes the contents of recruitment as an "advertisement" and waits for responses from job seekers. In most cases, there is a fee regardless of whether or not you apply. Employment placement is often used when public recruitment is not possible or when hiring the necessary personnel accurately. The feature is that there are many businesses that do not charge a fee until adoption.
  • What is the difference from temporary staffing?
    The difference from temporary staffing is that you can hire the introduced person as an employee of your company. It is possible to develop and retain human resources in line with the company's philosophy, culture, and code of conduct.
  • What should I do if an employee leaves the company?
    If the person you introduced resigns for personal reasons within 3 months after joining the company, we will refund part of the fee (refund). Since it depends on the length of employment, please contact us for details.
  • Is it possible to employ foreigners?
    We can introduce foreign nationals who are studying or working in Japan and local foreign nationals from outside Vietnam and India. Since it depends on the status of registration with the local company we are affiliated with, we will research if there is no one who wants it at the time of application. In that case, it may take time.
  • Is the job search free?
    Yes, it's free. Registered users can use all services free of charge, such as counseling, guidance on creating resumes and career history documents, referrals to employers, and setting up interviews.
  • It says paid employment placement, but is it free?
    Our company has received permission from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a “paid employment placement business” as a recruitment business. Since we receive a referral fee from the company where we are employed, it is described as paid employment placement.
  • I haven't changed jobs yet, but is it okay if I register for now?
    Yes, of course you can. Please use it when you want to collect information over time or when you want to know a suitable job.
  • Can I change jobs immediately?
    Based on information such as conditions, wishes, and self-analysis, we will research and match jobs. We may not be able to introduce you immediately, but we will contact you as soon as we find it.
  • I don't want anyone to know about my career change.
    Don't worry. Business operators are stipulated to set rules for the proper management of personal information, and we operate under a strict management system. We disclose information at a level where individuals cannot be identified, such as document screening and scouting, until they agree to provide information.
  • I'm worried about my educational background, and my job change activities don't go well.
    Educational background is one of the criteria for recruiting jobs, but I feel that there are many projects that emphasize qualifications, experience, and personality. What kind of work you have done and what you want to do (can you do) in the future will also be important recruitment criteria.
  • I don't know what kind of work I want to do.
    What is work? I think the answer is a difficult question. When receiving career consultations, what kind of work you have done and what makes you happy will be valuable information for referrals. Please feel free to contact us.

We provide employment services all over Japan.

* Excluding some construction work and port transportation work according to Article 32-11 of the Employment Security Law.

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