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To all recruiters

Stof Co., Ltd.

In accordance with Article 32-11 of the Employment Security Law, we will specify the range of occupations handled.

There is no cost to hire. Please try it first.

Scope of occupations to be handled and other scope of work

The scope of business handled by this office is all occupations except construction business and port transportation business (Article 32, 11 of the Act).

The handling area is within Japan.

Matters concerning fees


For job seekers We will not accept any requests when accepting job seekers.


Once a job is decided for a job seeker, an amount up to the annual wage of the job seeker x (specified in the contract or memorandum)% will be charged as a referral fee.

Matters concerning the handling of job offer information

The person who handles the job information is the person in charge of employment agency. *
Recruiter information is limited to those related to the employment agency business.

Matters concerning the handling of personal information

The person who handles personal information is the person in charge of employment agency. *
When the handler requests the disclosure of personal information from the person in question, the handler will disclose the information based on the objective matters such as the qualifications and work experience of the person based on the request without delay. Furthermore, when a request for correction is made based on this, if the request matches the objective facts, the correction will be made without delay.

Matters concerning grievance processing

The person responsible for handling grievances is the employment agency. *

Matters concerning the refund system

We have a refund system.
For details, please refer to the contract or memorandum.

Please pay the wages of the workers directly to the workers in accordance with Article 24 of the Labor Standards Act.
If you have any questions about our business, please ask the staff.

* The person who handles job information, the person who handles personal information, and the person in charge of handling complaints are the person in charge of employment introduction who has notified the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

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